Terms and Conditions

The below mentioned terms and condition shall be applicable to all customers opting our agencies' services, and hence must be applied to all the verbal or written communication with the customer.

First of all, unacceptable behavior is not tolerable in any circumstances either with us or our cleaners. This may include explicit language, act of racism or any other remarks, which may threaten, harass or intimidates us. Any person showing such behavior is liable to a legal action, and the services from our side may immediately be terminated without any refund. You, the customer, completely agree with it and even agree that you cannot demand in such scenario.

The quotes being stated by us are just an estimate given on the basis of a normal house with rooms and bathrooms told by a customer.
Although, we try our best to come up with an accurate quote, these may change based on identification of additional factors: such as additional room, toilet, living room, study room or extra blinds or different blinds than the description.
Also a heavily soiled property may need extra charges to be paid. This is because it may need extra time and chemicals to be spent on the whole or one room of the property to make sure it is as per the bond cleaning standards laid by Managing Agent under the governance of the Residential Tenancies and Rooming Act 2008.
Apart from it extra charge may be demanded if:

  • Any part of the property seeks a specialist for the cleaning; it may be anywhere possessing danger to cleaners like windows at unreachable heights or places which demand special skill or apparatus to make it up to Bond Cleaning Standard.
  • Any extra area or services which were not agreed upon before.
  • The cleaner has to bear some costs such as parking fees or key pickup fees.
  • Removal of personal rubbish.

Also we, at any time, may refuse to clean an area that can potentially possess a danger to cleaner such as a broken power socket or point, loose or dangerous light fittings etc. A customer will be notified and no guarantee may apply to these areas or items.
It is very obvious that some items may be subjected to wear and tear; others may be not possible to be cleaned due to more exposure and grime built-up. For these items we do not take any guarantee.
If you agree to the variation in prices you have to pay it to the cleaner before job, else we won't clean up the area that is uncovered on regular services.

As a customer you must be contactable 1 day and 1 hour before the start of job, failing may result it an unfinished, or we may try our best from our side to finish the job. This may even void guarantee conditions. If, in any case, we have to revisit to your property extra charges will apply, based on hours consumed.
Hence you must understand your responsibility in providing the cleaner an access to the property.
However, still if we are unable to access the property, a charge of $ 40 per hour will apply, which the customer agrees to pay. In case of cancellation, additional $60 charges, and $60 postponements may apply, based on availability.
Keys may be collected by the cleaner if informed in writing through a mail or SMS. This requires the customer to pay $40 per 10kms distance travelled, as per Google Map's shortest distance.
Also we need an unencumbered and unobstructed access to the whole property to be cleaned.
Customers must agree that a cleaner can take photographs of whole property, before, during and after cleaning. It act as a proof and help in quality assurance. During cleaning access to Electricity and water has to be provided all the times, as they are prime requirements for cleaners. In case for absence of these services our cleaner does his best, but guarantee of job doesn't apply in this case.
A customer, on own expenses, must move heavy objects such as fridge, washing machine etc.( over 5 Kgs) before the start of cleaning. Otherwise the Guarantee voids.
A customer must remove of all personal belongings, including furniture and art work, it may get damaged, while cleaning. We do not clean the area under the heavy things, so it is better to remove them.
We do not remove any rubbish inside or outside, even in the drawers or cupboards. So you must remove it yourself.

In case of cancellation following charges apply:
  • $25 as administrative charges if informed 5 days before the booked date.
  • $50 as administrative charges if informed between 5 to 2 days of the booked date.
  • Within 24 hours cancellation entities the customer to pay whole cleaning amount.

We may cancel the job if any area of work is dangerous or not safe for the cleaner. Job may be cancelled or rescheduled if area is not as described.

All payments are accepted in the bank transfer form. Full payment has to be made to the cleaner before the start of the job.
To book a date an advance $50 must be paid to our account details shared with the customer.
No debt or late payment is accepted.
At its sole discretion We reserve the right to report any non-payment to collection agencies including reporting non-payment to the credit Reference Association (CRA), the TICA database and your property agent. In doing this your credit rating may be effected and or ability to seek rental properties/credit in the future.

Our Bond Cleaning Guarantee of 7 days implies that we would comeback free of charge to rectify any issue the Managing Agent has with the cleaning (under governance of the Residential Tenancies and Rooming Act 2008) provided by Us within the bounds of these Terms and Conditions and our Inclusions and Exclusions.
This Guarantee only applies to the services we offered and doesn't include additional non opted items or areas such as Balcony or carpet, unless requested on extra charges. Our Guarantee does not include certain items, so it's better to check our inclusions and exclusions before job.
A re clean will only be carried if we receive a report from Managing Agent, after re clean for any further cleaning; we entertain complaints within 24 hours. The re clean will only include listed jobs by managing agent.
All re cleans are subjected to stated terms and conditions.
Customers agree that all re clean jobs must be requested within 5 days of provided services.
Under no condition we take responsibility of natural occurring such as water marks, settled dust etc. or for Act of God such as floods, earthquake etc.
Customers must vacate the premises before cleaning, and the premises must be vacant after cleaning as well for bond cleaning guarantee.

No claims requested will be accepted in any condition once the job has been performed.
Customer must understand that few items are subject to wear and tear. Still we can pay for damages occurred from cleaners' mistake, provided a proof. This must be done within 24 hours.
All complaints must be writing to info@bondcleanerinbrisbane.com
These must be within 24 hours of the job performed, stating customer name, address, contact no. and full explanation. A suggested resolution must be suggested.
You as a customer agree that you read all terms and conditions before complaining.
If you agree to our suggested solution you can close the complaint else once we disagree to your complaint you and we have right to involve a legal service.